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Hi all. I'm a 51 Years old Male from Ludwigshafen/Germany and my Occupation is Technical Service Worker. My Hobbies ?? Only Crunching, Crunching,...


5,610,195 WUs
I said it will be 60M WUs but we have some work to do before.

Happy crunching!
20 Mar 2015, 11:50:42 UTC · Comment

Back to normal
The results database crashed because the server was out of memory...

Some experiments, 18pstiff2re for instance, contained many bad ligand structure. That's why you all had many failed WU.

Plan for the future.
After this batch, I'll wait about one or two weeks in order to get the last remaining WUs. Then, I'll extract all the results, clean the database, clean the server and insert 60 million WU into it. It's a very huge batch so I want to start from a empty database.
3 Mar 2015, 10:18:57 UTC · Comment

News about me
I just want you all to know that this project was a 6 months project that was part of my PhD programme.

Now, I have to work in another lab but I'll still maintain this server, because I really like what we are doing here. But I'll may be less present.

I would like to clean the database, and the server before inserting the HUGE batch of 60M WUs. It'll keep you busy for the next couple of weeks :)

I'm now working with Rhodococcus equi, that causes a TB like illness among the foal. It's a wet lab based project.
26 Feb 2015, 11:37:40 UTC · Comment

2,906,889 tasks
After the huge crash of the database, everything is fixed and ready to go.

2,906,889 more WUs!

Edit: The transitioner need to catch up
23 Feb 2015, 16:42:17 UTC · Comment

Project down this weekend
I stopped the BOINC server. I'm currently putting 3 million task into the database. The script will take some time. I'm going home now. I will restart the server on Monday. 20 Feb 2015, 18:17:22 UTC · Comment

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