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The Use of EMR to Ease the Problems of Doctors with Their EHR

The use of EHRs or Electronic health records have become popular due to several reasons in advanced countries of the world, the main reason being standardization of data between several offices, people and segments in the medical and health industry. But with standardization and interoperability, the EHRs have provided to the industry, it has also invited many other problems for people who are directly entering information in the EHRs. They are the doctors who are dealing directly with data input in this software, and they are talking about the problems they have been facing everyday with their EHR. Therefore a more improved form of EHR has been introduced by EMR software to help these doctors work in comfort.

Tedious and time taking Data entry, and problematic Interface

This is a serious problem doctors using EHRs are facing everyday. While they are dealing with a patient, they need to input vital data about the patient in the software by typing or scribes. In both ways, it’s consuming too much of time. Had they talked to the patient only and written a simple prescription, they could have saved a lot of time, and could have jumped to the next patient. Moreover the format of the software, the interface, and absence of critical fields and presence of not so important fields are quite disturbing for the doctors. EMR software has brought a revolution in this segment by designing multispecialty software that matches the requirements of doctors, making the entry of data easier than ever. Once a doctor uses the EMR, they would never again fuss on the problematic data entry as this problem is completely eliminated with EMR.

Giving attention to the patients

The doctors often face a challenge while dividing attention between the patient and the EHR. The patients also feel disturbed and sometimes feel neglected when their doctor constantly stays busy during the consultation session in jotting down the patient details and case history. Being a patient you would always like to get full and undivided attention from your doctor during your session and it’s your right too. EMR software has made this simple with their highly interactive software which makes data entry very quick, and using this software doctors can give their patients much more time than earlier.

Interoperability given special importance

Interoperability has been given special touch in EMR. Thus doctors can send and receive patient information directly through this EHR, without the use of any other modes of information like Fax, phone or email etc. In the old EHRs the doctors had to consume much time by sending and receiving patient information via other modes.

Eliminating unnecessary emails

Automatic emails and updates related to software and other things have always been a part of using EHR apps by doctors. Though it’s important, but sometimes excessive mailing and updates can be a headache for doctors. This is also eliminated in the new EMR software thus making it highly efficient.

Thus doctors who had been quite disturbed with their old EHRs, and were on the verge of quitting the system s, have found a fresh new route to medical data handling with EMR software.

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