"No start tag in scheduler reply"
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Questions and Answers : Getting started : "No start tag in scheduler reply"

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Message 1397 - Posted: 2 Jun 2014, 15:00:20 UTC

Hello -
I joined this BOINC effort when Docking@home ceased. I have created an account a couple weeks ago, but every time I attempt to get new work, I receive the following:
6/2/2014 7:36:14 AM | fightmalaria@home | update requested by user
6/2/2014 7:36:17 AM | fightmalaria@home | Sending scheduler request: Requested by user.
6/2/2014 7:36:17 AM | fightmalaria@home | Requesting new tasks for CPU
6/2/2014 7:36:33 AM | fightmalaria@home | [error] No start tag in scheduler reply

I've reset the project, but the results are not changed. My computer is hungry for work ! What can I do, if anything, to fix this ?

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Message 1398 - Posted: 2 Jun 2014, 19:50:34 UTC - in response to Message 1397.


please check the projekt status: There is no work available and more important everything besides the webpages is switched off.

As you can read in this thread, the project is currently in reconfiguration and we have to wait until new work becomes available.

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Message 1404 - Posted: 7 Jun 2014, 13:14:34 UTC - in response to Message 1397.

I'm afraid you've joined a dead project. There has been nothing available on this project since last fall and precious few updates on status.

Message 1407 - Posted: 9 Jun 2014, 23:18:01 UTC

The are a little slow in getting back up to speed...

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Questions and Answers : Getting started : "No start tag in scheduler reply"

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