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Questions and Answers : Windows : What am I doing wrong?

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Bruce D. Ford
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Message 1417 - Posted: 1 Aug 2014, 1:50:57 UTC

I just signed back up for this service with a brand new laptop computer on windows 8.1 after my very old desktop using windows xpPro fried several months ago. SETI and Rosetta are working just fine, but this one is not sending any work to do. What do I need to do to correct this? still learning windows 8.1, so any assistance would be appreciated.

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Message 1418 - Posted: 1 Aug 2014, 9:35:32 UTC - in response to Message 1417.

This project is not sending you any work because there isn't any until they get their new server hardware up and running. (Note the server status report page.) Check out the other forums for more information.

But, the last word from the team was that the "new" project (Fighting Neglected Diseases or FiND@Home) might be online by early August 2014. It will initially be working with protein docking research relative to fighting TB.

Questions and Answers : Windows : What am I doing wrong?

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