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Questions and Answers : Windows : Lost in cyber-Space

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Message 624 - Posted: 4 May 2013, 16:58:06 UTC
Last modified: 4 May 2013, 17:00:26 UTC

I've experienced an oddity using 7.0.64 (x64). I think it was just the result of a broken communication (during a task upload), but I'll report it just in case others experience the same problem.

A single FightMalaria@home WU is listed in tasks (show all tasks enabled) as Progress 100% and Status Uploading, but under Transfers the task is not listed.

When I select Show active task the WU isn’t listed under Tasks.

After updating the project from Projects nothing changes; it's still listed as 100% and Uploading.
The task properties also reflect this state.

Clearly the WU has finished, and Boinc thinks it is uploading but it's still listed as being in progress, albeit at 100%. Normally a project update would have reported the WU, but Boinc thinks it's still uploading, so it won't try to report it. At the same time that the transfer (upload) is complete, otherwise it would show under Transfers.

When I eventually hunted the WU down online, it's state is 'In Progress':

Name vina_25228_1367613620.019835-1323-PFC10_API0040_2.pdbqt-9843-TCMDC_139660_0.pdbqt-5p-_0
Workunit 82255438
Created 3 May 2013, 20:41:14 UTC
Sent 3 May 2013, 22:37:37 UTC
Received ---
Server state In progress
Outcome ---
Client state New
Exit status 0 (0x0)
Computer ID 18014
Report deadline 14 May 2013, 8:37:37 UTC
Run time 0.00
CPU time 0.00
Validate state Initial
Credit 0.00
Application version vina v3.01

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Message 625 - Posted: 5 May 2013, 11:18:01 UTC - in response to Message 624.

The output file for your task would have been


If that still exists in projects/boinc.ucd.ie_fmah the file hasn't been uploaded and restarting BOINC would (hopefully) force the upload to be retried.

If the file doesn't exist it has definitely been uploaded and there are two options:

  1. The simple option is to restart BOINC, but that would probably cause the task to fail with an output file missing error.

  2. Alternatively you could try stopping BOINC and searching the file client_state.xml in your BOINC data directory for the string


    There should be 3 occurrences; one in a <file_info> block and two in a <result> block. If the <file_info> block contains


    change it to

    <status>0</status> <uploaded/>

    When you start BOINC the task's state should now be "Ready to report".

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Questions and Answers : Windows : Lost in cyber-Space

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